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Great Buy-ER-Flower Clay Candle Ready-6x9 Red

My Amigos Imports

Regular price $21.99

CLearance priced... Regularly $14, now only $9 each while supplies last. Great buy on these. We only have a few of each color. We call this the flor clay vessel. We offer four soft beautiful colors. We don't sell the candles. We sell the beautiful vessels. These are great for candle makers as awesome candle vessels. They resist heat very very well. This handmade clay flower bowl holds about 30 fluid ounces of liquid. Each is unique and one of a kind. Color tones will vary. It is what makes them rustic and beautiful. Tone, smoothness, shape etc, all rustic. Please keep that in mind when you buy these. Flower Clay Vessel-Red, Turquoise, White or Black Size- 6W x 9L x 2.5D Liquid Volume-30 fluid ounces