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Blue Beaded Heart-Clay Strand-Beads-Garland-63 in-Colorful

My Amigos Imports

Regular price $39.99

New item for us. We love it. New beautiful farmhouse beaded heart garland strand. So many creative uses for this piece. This is the piece you will receive. First time we list these great looking handmade Heart clay garland beads. We have very few and testing to see how you all might like them? This is great work, done by artisans that have learned the trade from their parents. Each is one of kind. Great design. It measures about 63 inches long. The heart itself measures about 3x3 inches. Keep in mind that each is handmade and hand painted, so size may vary a bit and color tones as well. Paint chips may be present, all normal and part of the distressed farmhouse look.